Lux Luminosa

SATB divisi, Organ and Percussion, c. 55 minutes

Lux Luminosa explores the themes of anticipation, revelation, and redemption. Woven into the fabric of the music are motifs from both Eastern (Asian) and Western (European) traditions, mirroring the rich tapestry of cultural influences on my native Singapore—a maritime city-state shaped by the currents of globalisation. The work serves as a broad metaphor for convergence of dualities: East and West, ancient and contemporary, unity in diversity.

The Latin texts for this piece draw from the “Great O Antiphons”, ancient prayers embodying the anticipation of Christmas. Between each antiphon, the work interlaces texts resonant with the spirit of Advent, brimming with messages of hope and light. The gospel canticles – Magnificat, Benedictus, and Nunc Dimittis – find voice in English. The work also features passages from the Keasberry New Testament in Bahasa Melayu, representing the global spread of Christian missionary work, and a metaphor for the message of Advent transcending language barriers.

This litany stands as a bridge, a personal expression of sacred music that synthesises Western traditions with Asian spirituality. Rather than eliminating Western influences, it seeks integration; a quest to define my identity as Asian Christian while embracing the missional heritage of the faith, while searching for unity in a world so often marked by division.

I extend my gratitude to the University of Glasgow Chapel Choir, Dr Katy Lavinia Cooper (director), Dr Kevin Bowyer (organ), and Andrew Keddie (percussion) for giving the first performance of selected movements from my work on 14 November 2023, at the University of Glasgow Memorial Chapel.

Cover art by Justin Tan, Green Coast Night (2020).
Used with permission.



O Sapientia


O Adonai


O Radix Jesse

Segala Lembah-lembah


O Oriens

Nunc Dimittis